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This is my favorite post.

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The best thing about having a mustache is looking like a terrier when you tuck in your upper lip.

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The worst thing about being a homophobe isn’t the unhealthy hatred or the irrational fear of one’s fellow man…

it’s that they’ll never know what man love feels like.

Guys give head like you dream about.

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oh shit that follower is stupidly attractive i should avoid their page at all costs so they won’t notice me

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No matter how far we were into Matt Smith’s run, Eleven always felt like the new Doctor. Capaldi’s only been around for four episodes and it feels like he’s been the Doctor for years.

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"Can I crash at your place tonight? I have handcuffs"

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It’s that time of year again
  • Scarves
  • Folk music & progressive rock
  • Doctor Who
  • Pumpkin spice everything
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE how dorky this season is. I feel like I’m watching a good Peter Davison episode every week.

In Doctor Who, “good” is a synonym for “fuckin’ stupid, but entertaining”
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I’m pretty much Pierre.

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