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I don’t know what this story is going to be, but so far, it takes place in a military academy in a fantasy world reminiscent of the Napoleonic Wars. There are powdered wigs, pistol-swords, banter, and duels and I love it.

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Friendzone [noun]

1. an excuse for having been an exceedingly boring and/or shitty person

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Yes, I’m white. No, she is not. Yes, we are a couple. No, we are not adopted siblings. No, we’re not in it for the novelty. Please stop staring at us, it’s awkward.

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Welcome to the 2014 Primetime Breaking Bad & Modern Family Awards

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No, they forgot Antarctica

No, they forgot Antarctica

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How fifty Fire Emblem characters and a whole game’s worth of clones made it to Super Smash Bros. while Simon Belmont, Toad, Snake, and Terra Branford are absent escapes me.

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I demand that True Blood end with Lafayette winking at the camera and saying “that’s all, hookas.”

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Frankly, I’m surprised True Blood even lasted this long.

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"I hate how Tumblr assumes every man with a fedora and a neckbeard is an asshole."

gee :) I wonder :) how it feels :) to be negatively :) stereotyped :) based on superficial :) aspects of your appearance :) that must be awful :)

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I’m trying so hard to care about the Doctor Who premier, but I’ve been overexposed. 2013 was so ‘Who-filled that I think I’ve fanboyed myself out of being excited for the whole of this year.

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